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               Welcome to Red Dragon Bonsai!

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Bonsai is our passion. We incorporate this passion of bonsai into the philosophy of our business. Essentially we enjoy doing bonsai, talking bonsai and teaching - sharing our passion, encouraging people to learn and develop.  

We take great pleasure in assisting your interest in Bonsai. At Red Dragon Bonsai, we want to see people develop their skills and knowledge of bonsai, along with experiencing the joy and pleasure by expressing themselves in this art form. We take time with our clients, helping them find exactly what type of tree or pot they are seeking.






(Wholesale enquiries welcome. We are importers of all things bonsai from China and Japan through our import company 






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Every individual has a different nature and character, as do our bonsai. We help people find the right one for them.

Red Dragon Bonsai's mission is to encourage and inspire Bonsai enthusiasts of all levels to develop their skills and gain great satisfaction from their art.

We provide trees, pots, tools and all materials that facilitate and encourage that self expression. See Our Photo Gallery.

We are all a part of the evolution. We recognize tradition and its value, though are not chained to it. We are free to continue to push the boundaries, explore and experience, the fascinating world of Bonsai.






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